Embersol: Mercenaries

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  • Fast paced multiplayer games: Twin stick shooter set in a persistent universe and graphics for high end devices. Warp into action and take the fight to the enemy.
  • Conquest Game Mode: Warring corporations are fighting for domination across several systems. Warp in and destroy the defending capital ship and escorts to take the system. Gain tech superiority and hunt down enemy squads or if you’re out gunned call for reinforcements.
  • Rogue-like pilot system: Hire pilots and fight to gain experience, new ships, and weapons. Be careful though, mercenary work is dangerous business and if your pilot is killed in action then they’re gone for good. Perma-death is active for all game types. Good Hunting!
  • Mercenary Squads: Join a mercenary squad and fight with your squad mates in co-op or versus multiplayer missions. Or you can become a Mercenary Commander and take control of your own squad.
  • Cross-platform multiplayer: Take your account, pilots, and upgrades to any platform and play on the go or at home. Play matches with or against anyone on any platform.
  • Free to play, not pay to win: To show your support and get cool features, in-app purchases are available for utility and cosmetic upgrades.

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