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Orbital Strike: Arena

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Embersol: Mercenaries

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ext Dun-Witched Global Game Jam 2016
Worked with a team to create a 4 player local multiplayer game in 48 hours based on the theme ‘Rituals’. Dun-Witched is a competitive multiplayer game that forces players to face off against their friends in a game of speed and cunning to complete a pagan ritual and summon a beast from his ancient slumber.
Bart Gunderman
Eugene Allen
Jordan Stevens
Mai Ann Burns
Bryan Baugher

Mafia Game Protoype
A small project to test out internet multiplayer with Android devices. I wanted to create a small social game based off of the Mafia party game. Used libGDX so I was able develop and test on PC and then deploy to Android. Wrote the sprite renderer, learning OpenGL ES 2.0 and writing simple shaders.

The levels are procedurally generated with the server sending the seed value to all clients. Great project as I was able to bring together all the individual steps to get a real time multiplayer game running: authoritative server, clientside prediction, remote object synchronization, and input handling.

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Minecraft inspired voxel engine prototype using procedurally generated content. Went with hexagonal voxels and the chunks were created on a separate thread as the player moved along the landscape. The orbital’s textures were generated at run time and the entire orbital was offset and rotated in a way to make it appear as the player was travelling along the inside circumference.

extSenior Design Project, Internet Phone
Got a chance to play around with embedded microcontroller programming. The final chip we used was the dsPIC33F and I used Microchip’s C compiler to create the client application. DAC used was the SI3000 and the WIFI module was a ZeroG.

Also got to design the PCB in EagleCAD which was a lot of fun. We hand soldered all the components(even the 100-pin TQFP, it can be done!). We were on a tight deadline so we only had one shot at getting it right but thankfully, after one fretful weekend, we got it working. Only needed a single green wire too!

I  quickly wrote up a small .NET 3.5 server application running on a laptop to handle calls and route communication. The Speex codec was used for compression and creating the data blocks to be sent over the wire. The client used a TCP channel for setting up connections and UDP for voice data. A jitter buffer was used to collect the data blocks so the can be reordered and played back at a consistent interval.

OutputSkydive Game
Short game developed for a class in college using OGRE3D, C++, and a few free assets found online. Nothing remains except this screenshot I found while looking through some old backups. The goal of the game was to freefall through a few golden hoops and, once at an appropriate altitude, open a parachute and land on the island. Points were awarded for hitting hoops and landing as close to the center as possible. Good introduction to C++ and OOP concepts.